Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Moving Forward

Well, I did not make it out Monday to be with my Skanks. It was part time and transportation, and part nerves. I will go next time. I should not be nervous about it. I did make it out Tuesday afternoon for the NAKG time, and managed to get a few rows on the TYC done. I received a challenge to have much to show on the TYC at the end of the month. I am not sure how successful I will be with that.

I received a note from Knit Picks. They are sorry that their warehouse/shipping move has taken longer than anticipated. They also regret that the changes have affected my order. I take this to mean that I have a long wait. This is not a big deal. I have so much to work on right now. Maybe I will get more done on that TYC.

TYCGarterRibSpeaking of the TYC, I am past the garter rib! The color is way off in this picture, but it is the best I can get tonight. I am going to make some changes on the increases in the plain stockinette portion of the body. Since my stitch gauge is off, my row gauge is also not matching that stated in the pattern. I am paying more attention to my tape measure and schematic to continue knitting this cardigan. I hope it works out. It would be wonderful to have this garment finished up to the point when it is time to work the cable chart by the time my Knit Picks order arrives. That would greatly increase my chances for a timely finish. Whatever happens, this is great practice for my EPS FIYC.

I am thinking about joining the ABC-Along 2008. It might be fun. I have passed over some other -alongs because I did not feel up to the pressure, but this might be a good match for me.

Speaking of -alongs, I could show you more of my NaSpiMoMo results if I could take a decent picture. It is purple. It does not feel too nice to me. It may not all be me. I was not super thrilled with the fiber as I spun it. I have more of this Romney/Mohair blend. Maybe I can do better with it later. I still have the option of treating the yarn harshly in hopes of improving it. Maybe I will try that if I have trouble sleeping tonight.
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