Thursday, January 03, 2008

Nothing to See Here

I do not have much for current picture-worthy knitting on the needles. My left mitten is ready for its top decreases. After I finish this one, I think I will cast on for my husband's right mitten. Then there's the TYC, and I think I am just about to the end of the garter rib on the body. Exciting, eh? I hope to be able to sit and knit on it to get progress that is more substantial. All of this that I would like to have finished makes the wait for the yarn for the FIYC more bearable. It would be great to have most of it done by the time my order arrives.

My first go at the worm spit went pretty well. That is a different fiber, but I think I might like it. I will probably ply it this weekend or next week, and then I would dye the resulting yarn. I have some ideas about a lace shawl from handspun silk, but that is something for further down the road.

Speaking of spit, I saw an oozing, irritable, three-year-old niece over the weekend. No, I did not realize the visit would include unfortunate contagion, or I would have skipped the opportunity to see her. Still, they change so quickly, and I do not want to miss all of it. She often chooses to communicate in No's, growls and shrieks, so I am sometimes caught off guard by a complete sentence. Her Papa was apparently not building the Legos the way she wanted, so she said, "Stop it before I pinch you." Anyway, now, I have her cold. It is not too bad, but it is not fun, either.

I have been spinning up some Romney/Mohair roving. I do not love it. There was a little vm and lesser quality fiber bits in there that needed to be removed, and that has taken away from my enjoyment of the spinning. We will see what kind of yarn I get from it. I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised, but not counting on it. I have about 25g more to go before it will be plying time.
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