Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bobbins and Pieces

I have been spinning a good bit this week. I have a couple of bobbins with Shetland/Angora singles ready for plying. I think I might like using my stability ball as my spinning chair. I do get a bit more of a workout, and when I need a break, I just roll away from the wheel and I am set to do some nice stretches. I do like that ball for stretching my back, especially. Anyway, this fluff was nice to spin. There were some bits that I had to pick out, and a wee bit of the VM, but overall, it went pretty smoothly. I do not know what yardage to expect, but I hope there will be enough to knit a lace scarf. We shall see after the yarn is finished. I think it would be wonderful to have enough to knit the Stork's Nest Scarf by Nancy Bush.

Yes, I picked up the current issue of Piecework. It is their knitting issue, and it has more than one pattern I would like to try. I have never tried the Rovaniemi Mitten Technique, and it looks like it could be worth the effort. Although the pattern in the magazine is for fingerless mittens, I would probably finish the patterning and make mittens that would keep my fingers warm.

I also found a better rhythm with my intarsia project. So much so, that I purchased a few more yarn bobbins for possible future intarsia-insanity. Yes, my insanity is well documented, and it seems to have grabbed hold of my knitting, too.

One more thing before I go--I said that I love being an Aunt. I never expressed a wish for more Ants in my home. Ants, go away, please!
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