Saturday, January 19, 2008

A is for Aunt

DSCF0659Being an Aunt is Awesome. I get to experience much of the joy of children I would otherwise miss, while avoiding many of the less pleasant aspects of parenthood. I get to spend time with bright, inquisitive, energetic, entertaining young people, and return them to their parents when I am tired. I can take the silly that will not stop. I can be enthusiastic about an evening of Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Bingo, and checkers from the Shrek treasure2005_0330Image0014 chest of games without losing my mindAutumn'sFirstKnittedProject because it will not be my after dinner 2004_0528CruiseEtc0051plans for the next seventeen nights. DSCF0640I can share knitting. I caCopy of 2004_0528CruiseEtc0050n make a Darth VaderDSCF1191 birthday cake without the extra hands and constant questions impeding my progress.Mwah! I get to be the fun one. I can say yes to ice cream and crap from vending machines. I can put on Easter egg hunts. I do not have to battle over food, shoes, and clothes, and I get love in return.
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