Friday, January 18, 2008


When new yarn arrives in the mail, I like to spend some time just admiring it. I have been doing so with the latest shipment from Knit Picks. Yes, it arrived. There was a small adventure involving wintry precipitation and a car chase. It was not nearly as exciting as you might imagine. Anyway, I love the colors of the extra balls of Palette that I ordered, and enjoy looking at them.

Not much else was accomplished yesterday. I managed to knit a few more rows on the secret knitting. This was possible only after untangling the project. It is only necessary to look at it wrong to end up with a tangled mess. Still, it is worth the extra effort, and really looks good.

I like to try on my sleeve for the TYC. I finished off the day by joining the next ball of yarn. I think I might try to get both sleeves up to the point where they join the body of the cardi before casting on for my EPS FIYC. Still, the needles itch for that project, and I may not be able to wait that long.

In other news, a great big ol' Happy Birthday to my favorite six-year-old! Happy Birthday, Robuddy! I'm working on the cake.
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