Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mo NaSpiMoMo

I made my way to the post office today to ship the barter package. I managed to get it all in one box. More than one person observed that it was a large box. Now, it makes its trek across the country. I hope she likes everything. I want this exchange to go well. I have had less-than magic trading experiences in the past.

Before I took off for the post office, I waited for my mail to arrive. I knew that my fiber would be here today, and I was right. It is even more wonderful than I saw in the photos. It is tons better than what my photographic skills can show.

I wish that I were finishing out NaSpiMoMo with spinning, but I do not think it is going to happen. Some pain conditions are being loud today. It is not terrible, but sitting down to the wheel would not be as enjoyable as it should. It all works out for the best. The sweaters have a chance at some progress tonight.
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