Friday, November 10, 2017

What to Do When There's Nothing You Can Do

Late Monday night the phone rang with news of a relative far away hospitalized in ill health.  She's too far away to visit, so what to do?  Well, I do the crafty stuff, so I guess I make.  The problem is, I don't know just what to make.  Maybe some little bitty things from Mochimochiland, like the Thanksgiving turkey and pie, or would something woven be better?  What do you think--weird little stuff or something useful/practical?  She definitely needs a new embroidered handkerchief or two.  I'll finish adding the bamboo to the one with the panda.  I'd like to get something to her soon, so I'd better hurry.  I guess getting my NaKniSweMo on the needles will have to wait.  Then again, if I cast on, I'll have it cast on, right?  Guess I better decide on the color, eh?  Which do you think I should choose?  What?  I'm not avoiding things.
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