Saturday, November 11, 2017

Not Great, But Maybe Not As Horrible As I Think It Is

It's not looking great for the home team on the Twill Be Done piece, but I reserve judgment for now.  I've made it through the twill-y bits and clove-hitch knots at the beginning and am now chugging along on the plain weave center portion.  So far, I see a few problems, but some may be less problematic after finishing.  Possible problem one is that I think my beating in the twill-y bits is not wonderful.  I'm a little less concerned about that as things look different under tension.  Also, I am learning something new, and that is likely to show.  Another problem is that my twill-y bits didn't seem to show up very well so far.  The color mix might not work well.  I don't find it to be ugly, but rather unfortunate to go through the effort only to not be able to see it well.  It actually looks better in this progress picture, I think, so maybe it's not so bad.  However, looking at the picture, I'm pretty sure I also have some outright mistakes in my pick-up, but I'm moving on and just trying to get something done.
Besides, that, it is going well, I think.  I had a nice rhythm going working the clove-hitch knots, and am glad to have learned another edge treatment.  I might make placemats or towels instead of the runner.  I guess I'd better check the warp length and make some decisions.  After all that, the plain weave seems a bit boring now, and I'm ready to get back to the pick-up sections and see if I'm improving.    
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