Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I'll Totally Finish This By Month's End, Right?

I finally cast on for my NaKniSweMo Featherweight Wrap to Knit.  It really was deciding the color that was holding me up on this.  Making decisions like that has been an issue for me lately, but I went ahead and picked one so I could move forward with this.  Then there was a brief interchangeable search.  I did manage to round up several wayward interchangeable components and (somewhat) returned them to their proper home.  Thinking back, I don't remember where the cable I was seeking had been hibernating, but I did find it.  I could have begun the sweater without finding it, but eventually, it would be a problem to work the sweater on the short cable length I had used to knit the sleeves on the previous sweater.  
Anyway, I'm (barely) on my way.  Impressive, no?  I hope to curl up on the couch with the project and catch up on some shows, but this is a time of many interruptions around here.  If I make a bit more progress, it could be a good companion to other goings on, but for now, it's fits and starts.  One day, I will have a new black cardigan.  I feel rather doubtful that I will finish this month, but soon I think I might have opportunities for some good knitting time, so there is still hope.        
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