Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Warped and Waiting on a Wednesday

Perhaps you noticed my stalling on the start of my Twill Be Done.  You would be forgiven for thinking it was just a poor attempt at trying to stretch a small amount of content into several blog posts. Sure, that's certainly a plus, (ok, not the poor part, but that's kind of how it goes around here) but it's not what was happening.  I was just trying to finish the last project and life was not cooperating, but I finally made it happen.  I now have a new cloth for the coffee table, and I think I like it.  It was also nice that I finally got around to using the 15 dpi reed, and although I do need to try out some different, smooth yarns with it, that will have to be later.   
Anyway, I finally have the warp on the loom.  After the last project, setting this up with the 7.5 dpi reed seemed super-quick.  I hope to get weaving on it soon, but for now, it must wait and wonder whether the colors will work.  I really don't know if they will, but I've made it this far, and I'm going for it.  The blue will be the main weft and the yellow will be the twill-y bits and clove-hitch knots (yes, more new stuff!).  My picture is still a bit off on the color, but not by tons.  Really, it's the variegated warp that has me wondering, but worse case scenario, I only learn new things and have ugly cloth.  Stacked up against everything else in life, how is that even a concern, eh? 
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