Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Yes, October is over, and what a month it was.  We had computer troubles, and now we have a new computer.  We will probably attempt to repair the old one, but even if we have success with that, it is probably good that we bought a replacement, as the old computer seems as though it really doesn't intend to be a computer full-time for years on end.  We'll go ahead and totally blame my lack of blogging on the computer woes, but we both know that really is not the truth.

We had medical adventures, oh, so many planned and unplanned medical adventures.  Bruce has been doing OT for a sad rotator cuff and PT for sad hips.  He got a painful injection in his hand to help a trigger finger.  All that and a few regular appointments were all planned.  Then the unplanned kicked in for real.  Bruce had a new experience--sleep paralysis.  That was brought on by chest pain during r.e.m. sleep, and that took us to the hospital, which brought us a couple of medication changes, future testing, and doctor appointments.  After all of these years with the heart trouble, it's kind of funny how so many of these visits go.  The doctors' assessments seem to often line up with something along the line of, yes, this was something to do with your heart, but you're in no more danger than usual with it and there is not anything we need to do, you may or may not have needed hospital monitoring in this instance, but you need to come in each time this happens because it could just as easily have been a deadly thing.  This is the second such hospitalization this year, and even the docs can't really agree on anything other than the usual lifestyle advice.  You know how it goes; follow the diet recommendations, take your meds, be active but not too much, and follow up as needed.  Lather, rinse, repeat--it's not just a hair care regimen.  

I've also embroidered, woven, sewn, and knit.  I either finished a handkerchief or just need to add a little something in the other corner.   The weaving was not to completion, and I need to get to it because I need that loom free.  The sewing was little baby doll dresses that went to my niece, but I never got pictures.  As for knitting, I finished a sweater (just need pictures) and made good progress on the Bridgewater.

Does my writing seem more experienced, mature, and nuanced?  No?  So you're saying I just look older, right?  I guess since my birthday is over, I can't expect everyone to be nice all the time, eh?  Yes, I had a birthday last month.  Many thanks to the many people who remembered and helped me celebrate.  I really had some awesome birthday-ness.  I will be playing with my new toys for a long time.  Looks like I'll be starting with the weaving, as I have a weave-a-long over on the Yarnworker site, and I'm already behind.  
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