Sunday, November 19, 2017

Packing Problems

I'm facing the perennial dilemma of the knitter preparing to travel--what yarn belongs in the bag and what should stay home.  I know from past experience that I rarely knit as much as I think I will, but the danger of not having something to knit is not a good feeling.  The fact that many a trip has come and gone during which I didn't pick up the needles once will not convince me to leave it all home.  I have to bring something, even if it is only for the sake of magical thinking that it helps with traffic.  C'mon, you at least secretly believe in it, too.  

So, I begin with the car knitting.  That should be easiest, right?  What requires a minimum of accessories, no charts, and an easily followed pattern.  Large swaths of stockinette are always good for this.  This is usually the easiest knit to decide upon in the packing process.  

Next, come two dilemmas--tiny knits and UFOs.  I reason that the tiny knits are quick, don't require much yarn, something I enjoy making, and are nifty little gifts to leave as a little surprise to people we visit.  However, if I haven't decided which tiny knits I will make, it means taking small amounts of many colors.  Fortunately, I can carry the patterns digitally, so that doesn't take extra room.  

The UFOs are also tempting in that I tell myself that I will totally finish at least one when I'm away from home and the rest of the stash.  However, sometimes the reason the project is unfinished is either some problem I have forgotten about and not yet solved, or I just don't like knitting it.  However, if it is, for example, a pair of mittens, and I do finish them and have a need for them, well, it would be illogical to leave the project at home right?  

It's about this time that the travel knitting bag is overflowing, and I know I need to scale back a bit.  I could make a decision, or I could just go about packing other things and pretend that I have plenty of time to figure out what is right.  Or, maybe I should just leave the knitting at home and bring the EEW5 and some fiber.  Afterall, I do have a car adapter and a battery pack, eh?
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