Friday, November 03, 2017

Not Ready for November

Here we are, the new month is already rockin' along, and I haven't set my goals just yet.  I guess I'm still recovering from October.  To help me through the transition, I'm trying to relax a little bit more, and that means getting my mind to move in a different direction.  Anyway, one night I followed a link (somewhere on twitter, I think) over to Amazon, and clicked around there for a while, and next thing you know I had added a book to my wishlist.  I've found doodling to be helpful sometimes when I am trying to calm, focus, or re-direct my brain a bit.  I have some nifty pens and pencils, and even some Zendoodling books, too.  Now, thanks to my brother, I have this new book.  
So, sometimes at night before bedtime, I flip through the book and try drawing some things, and occasionally I even color them.  I'm not likely to become super-skilled, and while, in a dreamy, fantasy way I would like to be, that isn't the point.  In fact, it likely has no other point than just doodling.  I'm not creating anything for any particular purpose--just something I'm doing sometimes.  It's a nice way to relax, get ready to sleep, or just play.    
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