Friday, October 02, 2015


Well, once I finished the last shawl, it was time to knit another.  I wanted to get back to knitting for the friend I was originally knitting for when my plans changed.  So, once again, I went to the stash.  I really wanted to knit with my Knit Picks Aloft because it felt so lovely, and the color seemed perfect.  However, I have never knit for this person before, and I am not always sure about mohair content for the uninitiated.  I finally decided on some Dream in Color Smooshy in Night Watch.  It was a special skein that had been waiting for the right time, and this plus the colors convinced me that this was the yarn for this shawl.  After that I was searching through Ravelry once again for patterns.  I narrowed it down to two, and then to one--Vlad.  

The knitting has been wonderful.  The yarn is so nice and squooshy.  The stitches are flowing, and I am making great progress.  My new early birthday present is adding to the enjoyment, too.  Brucie bought me this lovely HiyaHiya Sharp Interchangeables.  We're also enjoying a delightful change in the weather, and with a little bit of streaming some quality television/movies I should be done soon.  
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