Saturday, October 17, 2015


Once upon a time, maybe about six months ago, there was a bit of enabling.  I saw an interesting Kickstarter campaign, was feeling rather lousy, a bit of encouragement from Bruce, and then I promptly forgot about it until summer when there was a project update.  Still, the incentive was not to arrive for a bit, so it flitted back out of my brain.  Then, the updates were more frequent, and soon the shipping had begun.  I checked in on the Rav group to read first impressions and troubleshooting.  I began to get a little excited, but mine was to be in the last shipment.  Then life got in the way, but I look forward to getting to know my Electric Eel Wheel.  I have spent a little bit of time trying it out, but there might need to be a bit of sanding here and there.  Getting right with the tension might take some time.  Reading what other people have found helpful has been good.  I just need to spend some time working on it and with it.  
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