Thursday, October 22, 2015


Nobody tells me anything.  How many times have we thought or heard that?  I find myself in a bit of a pile of that lately.  However, I am not really bothered by it.  If I need to know, I will find out eventually, and if people need for me to know sooner, it is their responsibility to tell me.  Truly, though, it is not about me, and there are good reasons why I am not always in the loop.  

For example, sometimes there are secret plans for parties.  My sister has had a growing need to transform our very informal family gatherings into something more elaborate, and she has taken my upcoming birthday as the perfect opportunity to charge full speed ahead.  Nevermind that she is recovering from surgery, feeling tremendous stress in most areas of life, and now warring with her partner in crime for the party.  No let's just forget about that.  All I need to know is that she requires I vacate my home four hours prior to the festivities.  She needs me to come to her house to watch her children.  During this time we are to somehow persuade the toddlers to take naps.  But really, what does she have planned that takes four hours?  I might be a little scared.  

At least I have knitting to calm myself.  And that brings up another reason for secrecy.  I am going to be working on a little bit of sooper-seekrit knitting.  Operating this enormously popular blog means that I must assume that the recipients of these planned projects are reading this and every entry, and therefore, I must keep quiet about the progress.  So, here you go, some yarn that will be part of one of the gifts.  We'll all just have to endure the mystery and intrigue for a bit.  I make no promises not to hint at or blog vaguely about them, but it isn't like I have actual blogging plans.  Shocking, I know.      KPGlossLaceSterling
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