Saturday, October 10, 2015


Vlad is finished and after a nice soak, it will enjoy its time being pinned out on the blocking squares.  Perhaps it will get its picture taken tomorrow.  A photo shoot is certainly more appealing than housework.  Of course, I might do well with some extra resting tomorrow.  Today was a bit of work out in the yard and on the exterior of the house.  You're jealous, I know.  

I have hopes that this will be a quiet week.  I'll be checking in on and caring for my cat-nephew, or nephew-cat if you prefer.  Or you could just say that my older brother is heading out of town for fun and excitement, and because I have no discernible life, I will be looking in on his cat.  I don't mind.  The cat is deaf and old, and possibly not very bright, but he is nice. 

And now, a little bit of love for this weekend.  I knit these earlier this year.  *mwah* 

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