Thursday, October 01, 2015


There was a plan to knit a shawl for someone.  I went through the stash.  I considered options, and finally it was the color that called to me.  After that, I searched through patterns on Ravelry, and the pattern I settled on Echo Flowers Shawl.  It had even been in my queue for a bit.  I had not been knitting for very long before I realized that the shawl I was knitting should actually go to someone else.  One evening I was knitting along and admiring the color, when my thoughts turned to my cousin.  She is getting married next month, and one of her colors for her wedding is teal.  From that moment, I knew that this shawl was meant for her.  So, I knit on, thinking good things for her and her wedding and this new chapter in her life.  My cousin has had a different and challenging life, and I have such hopes for her.  It is her turn for some good things.  

Anyway, back to the knitting.  When it came time for the nupps, I decided to substitute beads, and I am really pleased with the decision for a couple of reasons.  First, it looks so lovely.  I used the leftover beads from my Celestarium.  Second, when I finished binding off, I guessed that I would have run short if I had worked the nupps.  I only had a little bit of yarn left, and if I had worked the nupps, I might have run short.  So, it would seem it was the right decision.  Of course, once the shawl was off the needles, I was concerned that it would be a bit small, but it blocked out beautifully, and I feel like it is a nice size.  Now I just need to get an address, and then get it in the post.  
Echo Flowers Shawl (had trouble capturing true color)
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