Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Once again, I have finished a shawl, and it feels like a success.  Why do I take breaks from lace?  Vlad is a nice, easy knit.  I may have plans for my next lace already, but there is a bit of an obstacle in the way.  I will try and take care of it soon, and hope it works.  I know you're all waiting anxiously.  

I hope you're sitting down for this.  I managed to get this in the post already.  I did not procrastinate with hopes of getting better photos.  I did not agonize over writing the right note to accompany it.  You know, getting the note right is what holds up many of my packages and emails.  I try to get it just perfect and become overwhelmed.  It is a bit ridiculous, and I am not very successful in my battles against it.  Anyway, I just jotted down a quick note, packaged it up, and got it out to the post office when I went out on cat duty today.  And while I'm on a roll letting you know how impressive I am, I'll just tell you that I also got Springtime Bandit packaged up and sent on its way, too.   

So, I am hoping for doing as little as possible tomorrow.  I think we may have been rolled over by a tsunami of rude and selfish, but we are trying to give the benefit of the doubt and call it a series of clueless folks with poor communication skills.  We're just not up for translating it.  Let's just spread a big round of Bless Their Hearts all around.         
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