Saturday, October 24, 2015


Our former neighbors called us a few days ago to alert me to an estate sale nearby they thought would interest me.  I could see some weaving looms and coned yarn in the photos, so I decided to have a look this morning.  Some things I was interested in checking out were already gone.  There was still an enormous Harrisville Designs million (or maybe just ten--counting is hard) treadle floor loom.  Even if I thought I really wanted it, it is out of my budget and is enormous.  

I came across a binder of lesson plans for teaching weaving.  I believe I spotted the name of someone I know in the class list from 20-25 years ago.  I found several large boxes of loom waste.  I chuckled to myself about that feeling of being unable to throw away yarn like that, knowing it is useless but convincing yourself it is good and you will figure out something for it.  I don't think anyone else knew what I was talking about, but I was able to identify what they had in those boxes.  I saw a bee smoker, at least five children's sewing machines, and the same bathtub toy kayak my older brother used to own.  

So, with such bountiful treasures, you're probably wondering how I got it all home, eh?  Well, I managed to limit my purchases to a few things that fit in a Rubbermaid shoebox.  I think I found a few useful treasures. 

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