Friday, October 16, 2015


This evening it became even more apparent to me that I need to spend some time working in the craft room.  I wasted way too much time trying to locate my pencil box of dpns, and never achieved success.  I thought picking out the yarn was going to be the tough part, but I was wrong.  Eventually I decided to give up the search for the night because I just kept retracing my steps.  For a brief moment I tried to think of someone to blame for my predicament, but I am the only person to go in that room.  I still think there is a good chance that the box is hiding in plain sight, but that is really just more reason to walk away for now.  

Well, I am still waiting to see if my lace plans will work, so I do not want to start anything big.  I came across a special skein of yarn, and now I am trying to figure out which pattern to knit.  This is the prize my mom brought back for me from her Big Alaskan Adventure.  I am thinking cowl or mitts, but I haven't figured anything out yet.  
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