Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Too Small Tuesday?

Awhile back, I found a bargain on eBay, and now I am playing with this new-to-me toy. It is a nice distraction. The directions from the booklet resulted in a lot frustration, much wasted yarn, and a long timeout for the loom. I am not sure if weaving is the thing for me, but it will be fun to explore. My best discovery has been a better way to warp the loom.

Since I wanted to have three scarves for the Red Scarf project, I thought that perhaps I could weave something that would work. Since I still had more of it, I decided to use the TLC Amore. I like the finished scarf, but fear it is not quite big enough. The length is 60" if you include the fringe in the measurement, and it is about 5" in width.

Anyway, I may try for another, but really need to concentrate on getting to the post office. I actually do not have so much difficulty with going to the post office, but rather with getting everything packaged and ready.

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