Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tidying Up on a Tuesday

As I am sure you had probably already guessed, I fell behind hard on my deadline-secret-laceknitting goal. If I had kept to schedule, I would have blocked at the end of last week. I can either continue deluding myself with the idea that I can knit the remaining stitches (totaling about 35,000) and have it blocking by Wednesday morning, or accept right now that I am not going to meet my self-imposed deadline. Then I can work out a revised plan and get on with it. I actually had a second deadline scenario for this project, and I will make that work. December has double and triple special dates for some people, so I can make these shifts and not really be late. In fact, giving this piece later might be better, or maybe it will just be different. I just know that I am not going to torture myself about this.

Speaking of torturing myself, I googled a pattern the other day. I was inspired by someone else's wonderful knitting, and wanted to knit that same piece. Anyway, I found the pattern. I thought, "Neat! I did not realize this was a free pattern!" I began thinking about knitting it for different people, and maybe even one for myself, and then I thought about the yarns I would use, and how fancy it all would be. Then I began to think that it did not make sense that this pattern would be available online for free. I searched a bit more. I saw it available for sale exclusively through one retailer. I contacted the designer and the shop selling it. The shop owner replied that this was indeed a mistake, and she would take care of it. Out of curiosity, I googled it about a month later, and the pattern was still out there for all to find. Since it was only the retailer who replied, I wrote back to let her know that the situation had not been resolved, just in case she did not know, and there was no response. I just checked again, and, yep, anybody can still snag the pattern, and further investigation reveals that it has been this way since July. I feel bad for the designer, and the shop owner with the exclusive deal. I am amazed that it seems like more people have not discovered this, and wonder about the fallout when it is.

Ah, but time and energy are too valuable for me to fret any longer about a problem that is not mine, nor something I can solve. I have knitting to do. Of course, the only knitting that is going well is the super-secret-deadline-lace, so I am a bit where I was at the start of this, eh? The pile next to me on the couch of knitting that did not work is too big to ignore any longer. I am returning yarns and needles to their proper places in hopes that the more ordered state helps me. So far, my efforts have yielded one lost hat. Yes, I found the hat in the same spot I looked for it last night. That does not say much for my looking or organizational skills, now does it? At least it was in the stash room, close to where it should have been, and not in the pile next to me on the couch.

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