Friday, December 18, 2009

Tales from the Darkside

No, not my mood, but instead, it is my latest FO. I knit a Darkside Cowl for a sister-in-law. With all of her on-the-go busyness and cat shelter volunteerism, I figured a cowl was a better idea than a scarf. I was checking my Rav projects page and saw that I knit one of these December 17-18 last year, too. The more things change and all that, eh?

Anyway, it was a quick, enjoyable knit. It has been my accompaniment for trips back and forth, and all around town. It made errands seem less hectic, and lines seem shorter. It even helped others in line who became captivated by what I was doing. One woman asked, "Excuse me, but is that needlepoint, or CRO-shay?" When I told her that it was knitting, she responded with, "Oh, I couldn't tell because your hands are moving too fast."

Knitting this also gave me an even greater appreciation of my Hiya Hiya Interchangeables. Their shortest cable is the perfect size for this project. It made the knitting of the cowl even smoother. Not only was the knitting smooth, the finished cowl is nice and smooshy.


I think the color will suit my sister-in-law very nicely, and keep her warm without getting in her way. In fact, I like the color (unsuccessful though I have been at capturing it with the camera) so much, I am trying to decide whether to use the second ball to knit a Darkside Cowl for myself, or turn it into fingerless mitts for the sister-in-law. However, I must first finish two other things before I can consider casting on again with the purple.
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