Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It Might Be Getting to Me

I do not feel like it is. I think I am doing OK. However, there is a little nagging thing happening. I keep getting up and looking around to find the source of a sound. I think I hear one of those electric musical Christmas ornaments playing somewhere. Did I mention that we do not have a tree or decorations?

I am currently crocheting away on gifts for my brothers. The tight gauge and fiddly pieces mean I need to take frequent breaks. I clean house for when the kids and their sweethearts grace us with their presence on Friday. I stare vacantly at the television or computer. I try to come up with a good Ten on Tuesday list.

This week is all about the New Year's Resolutions. Hrm. I would like to think that I am always trying to improve, so these are mostly about things I am working on currently, but there are a couple of new items for the list.

1. Manage time better
2. Manage money better
3. Exercise more regularly
4. Keep the house tidier
5. Find a new primary care physician
6. Declutter
7. Spin more
8. Invert more
9. Cook more
10. Belly dancing--I'm trying it
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