Monday, December 28, 2009


I fell off the innerwebs for a bit, but (mostly) caught up with blogs (but not much with the email) yesterday and today between laundry and other assorted household tasks. It has been a busy few days, but it was pretty good, too. I spent time with family, played a little Super Mario Bros, slept, and ate. I do enjoy tasty foods, but too much all at once is not quite as enjoyable, and my body has reminded me that doing this once a year is probably too frequent. However, it has already given approval to black-eyed peas and cornbread for a New Year's celebration. Then it begins in on the new fitness routine it would like, and I remind it that we had already agreed that moderation is important in all areas of life.

I have also spent some time getting to know my new books. Over the past few weeks, many new knitting, crochet, and spinning volumes have made their way to me. We just picked up the latest from the post office. There are stories to tell, pages to read, patterns to queue, techniques to try, and lovely things to make. For now, I present this sampling of the wide range of books I have received.

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