Friday, December 12, 2008

Win-Win, Right?

I made it out to a yarn store today to check out the sale. It was all very lovely. I only purchased a little. My biggest task was to find something for the party out at Little Barn tomorrow. I started by looking through the spinning fibers. There were some lovelies. If the discount on the merino/silk blend had been better, I would have picked up a bag for me, and one for the gift. Anyway, it was very nice to listen to people decide their purchases. I saw some beautiful knitting in progress, and felt the tension amongst those trying to finish many gifts over the next 1 1/2 weeks.

When I arrived at the store, I was cold. I had on my mittens, coat, and a sweater over my regular clothes. My husband insists I am coming down with something. I am resisting. As I warmed up, I kept stacking my belongings on a chair. When I checked out, my pile of clothes was bigger than my pile of purchases. I finally decided on the Flower Basket Shawl pattern and a skein of Dream in Color Baby in the Ruby River colorway. Lovely, isn't it? I hardly want to give it away.

Therein lie my win-win thoughts. If I keep it, I have a wonderful new pattern and fabulous yarn. If I go to the party, I will be giving a great gift (I love to give gifts!), and it is probably good that I get out and socialize.
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