Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Knitting Together

Because the daughter came over to spend the night, I missed getting out to knit with everyone tonight as I had planned. However, that does not mean the needles were idle, or that I knit alone. I was clicking away all evening, and someone else picked hers up again after a having laid them down years ago.

Tanya asked what happened to the scarf she began in high school.
She had taken it home with her, but brought it back over here a few months ago. I was able to surprise her by knowing right where it was. She was able to surprise herself by watching me knit a couple of rows and then she was off and knitting again. This is her first knitting. I did try to advise her to choose different yarn back then, but this was what she wanted. She still likes what she is making, but now understands what I tried to tell her.

Later on, she mentioned how the long needles were getting in the way and that her hands were getting tired. I introduced her to circs, and she loves them. She hopes to finish her scarf in time for a trip later this month. Her knitting time has been abbreviated this evening as she is studying for her last two finals. After that, the schedule is open, and she should have plenty of time to knit if she so chooses.
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