Monday, December 08, 2008

Mopey Monday

Actually, I am not moping. I feel bad because of a crushing disappointment. It is one of those times when my feelings reflect reality. There are many things that I do not understand, and this is one of them. The solution to this has never been in my hands, and in some ways, it is not something that can be fixed. What I do have is the choice and the power to continue in love.

I suppose that is enough dancing around a topic I cannot discuss with everyone. I am home, and that is good. I left my pillow at the hotel, and that is not good. Perhaps I am about to find an even better pillow. Yes, I am reaching.

I just heard the mail truck, so I will get the kettle going while I walk up to the mailbox. Then I will sip some tea or cocoa and treadle away in silence. That seems to be the right thing to do.

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