Friday, December 19, 2008

Insert Star Wars Joke Here

I have made my way over to the Darkside (Rav link) in cowl form. These were fun, quick knits, and I think I need to knit one more. I used Mission Falls 1824 Wool for them both. I love them, and hope the recipients enjoy them.

I have come to accept that some of the mailed packages will arrive late. At first, I was a bit frantic, but when I saw I could not make it happen on time, I finally relaxed. Actually, I do not know if I gave up or relaxed. I suppose the result is the same either way.

We have not done baked any cookies or made any candy. I figure that might happen next week if it happens at all. I keep thinking that some unexpected person or invitation is going to pop up and set us back to scrambling. Unless something like that happens, I think I am staying home. Have you been out there? It is more than a bit nutty. We have rainy, foggy, drizzly weather and it was nearly 70 degrees today. Sunday they have predicted a wind-chill of 15 degrees.
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