Saturday, December 27, 2008

That's a Tiger By My Toes

I like the feel of my Red Brick Road sock, but I am not thrilled with the look of it. The mock cable does not show up well with this yarn. I will knit it a bit more before I decide whether to rip or not. The alpaca is so nice and soft, but it may work up better in a different stitch pattern.

I have also been working on an amigurumi tiger. Now that I have the head and all of its details finished, I should be done with this soon. Sewing on the stripes has not been my favorite part of this, but it is turning out to be so cute. I keep looking at the other Chinese Zodiac critters, and I want to make more.

Well, I need to finish up for the night and switch to weather-aware mode. They are predicting possible bad stuff for the middle of the night. I am going to make sure we have the volume up on the weather radio. I am operating on the theory that if we are prepared, nothing will happen. Also, I am hoping that we have earned some credit with all the recent power blips of late, and our electricity will stay on through it all.
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