Sunday, December 07, 2008

Meandering Meanderings

The journey is going well, so far. I put on my red-light headlamp and knit the whole way down here. During the drive, I finished another hat and made it about a third of the way through a new Calorimetry. Once we settled ourselves in our room, (yay, wifi!) I decided to go for a nap and then a little more Calorimetry. I knit it to the midway point and set it aside. Unless I am awake in the middle of the night looking for mindless knitting, it will wait for tomorrow.

I plan to knit on my right mitten until I go to sleep, which should be soon. I am going to change the Susan Bates Silverado needle out for a Knit Picks fixed circular. Those cables will go even more smoothly with the pointier tip. I remembered to bring a highlighter so I can mark out the rows on the chart as I make my way up the mitten. To think, I could be wearing new mittens soon.

Since none of my knitting today has been particularly picture-worthy, I leave you with something from Friday night. The birthday party was wonderful. Mom loves her new lace. My niece was also thrilled with the scarf I knit for her. Today is her birthday. Happy 4th Birthday, KOH!
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