Friday, December 26, 2008

To the Red Brick Road

I suppose I could have explained the picture from yesterday and how it added to the specialness of the day. Those were my baby chickens and my sister. It was quite a day we all had together. I noticed some changes in my family. I am pleased to say that many of those are positive. I think I might have appeared off my game a bit, but I really enjoyed the day.

Right now, my day-of-the-week sense is on its ear. Yesterday felt like a Saturday or Sunday, today felt like a Tuesday, and tomorrow seems like it should be Monday. How I came up with that last one puzzles me a bit. I think it might be t
hat I am missing my Skanks, and I need to knit with them soon.

It has taken me a moment to move on from all the gift knitting of late. I have had some difficulty thinking of what I want to make for myself. It is not as though I have been stuck thinking about things to knit for others. However, there was a moment yesterday when I was. Someone announced that I have never knit for her. Her statement was incorrect, but it stirred up many feelings. It nearly had me casting on something for her last night, but I worked my way through

Now I am ready to grab the needles and knit something I have not knit since spring. I am knitting a pair of socks. The Red Brick Road (Rav link) socks look nice and easy. It is worked at a gauge of 6spi, so they might even be a quick knit. In continuing with the weird and different, I might even follow the pattern as written.
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