Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Need to Nupp

Project monogamy has made the blogging this week a little more difficult. I have been working Mom's lace. I have developed a nice rhythm with it. It feels like I am moving quickly through the center. It is easy to go from thinking, "I'll just go to the end of this repeat," to finding that I went past that and I am back to the nupp row. Once I knit the nupps, I might as well knit to the end of the chart, and the cycle continues. These are the most enjoyable nupps of my knitting life. Anyway, I am now hopeful that this will be a birthday present. I have passed the halfway point.

Wednesday night knitting had a happy bonus. Life finally allowed a friend to get out to knit with us. It was so wonderful to see her. I have missed her very much. The night flew. The knitting grew while
we caught up on things. The next thing I knew, the barista alerted us to the fact that the store closed ten minutes previously.

Another thing that happened tonight was a request for a progress shot of the llama earflap hat. Now, with such kindness and flattery, how can I refuse?
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