Monday, July 28, 2008

Little Pathway

I have been itching to dig into New Pathways for Sock Knitters book and decided that the baby knitting was a perfect excuse to try something from it. I grabbed the leftover yarn from the BSJ, and began with the Little Sky Sock. I made my way through it, and promptly frogged. No, it was not because there was a problem with the pattern or my knitting, but because I made my way through almost all of the leftover purple yarn. This was fine. I really just wanted to try out the first learning sock. Over the years, socknitting has become almost second nature for me. It was weird to closely follow all the instructions and illustrations. It seems forever ago when I was doing that with my first socks. It was fascinating, fun, and a nice return to the magic of first socks.

Anyway, after I re-wound the purple yarn, I moved on with pink yarn and the Little Coriolis pattern.
LittlieCoriolis When I saw that this pattern was toe-up, I was even more excited to begin. Before I knew it, I had finished the first, and was working up the foot of the second sock. I loved the arch expansion spiraling its way up the foot in the opposite direction. It was bedtime when I was ready to turn the heel. I wanted to press on and finish, but I also wanted to keep the fun of the pair for the next day. This was such a quick little pair, and as soon as I had finished them, I was looking through the book for my next socks.

The book has so much great information. I am glad that I added it to my library. Now maybe I can work towards writing a pattern for SM3.
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