Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Grandma Came to Town

It was a great visit with Grandma. She wants to make it back down in October for the fiber festival in Murfreesboro. I hope she can. We would have a great time. Speaking of, her time here was filled with fun. We ate good food, shopped, talked fiber, took pictures, and reminisced. I helped fix her current sock. This amounted to ripping back about five rounds. With all of the riding time she had on the trip home, I am sure it is more than back on track by now. I was amazed by how tired I was by the time we saw her off on her journey home.I did manage to accomplish some other things while Grandma was in town. I finished spinning, plying, and the finishing of some alpaca. Yes, that is it in the picture. I helped a niece return to knitting. She made great progress on a felted bag she wanted to knit. I also completed a sock and began its mate (matchy-matchy goodness so far, Cara).

Now that my packaging has arrived, I have no more excuses. I need to add labels to the hats and get them off to Caps for a Cure. I have some knitting I would really like to finish soon, but it is not quite deadline knitting status, yet. Then there are the two pies I need to make for our shindig on the fourth. I guess the busy is not ending any time soon.
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