Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wheel Watching

There is great inspiration from being a Tour de Fleece spectator. I do not have any regret for not joining, and I am still spinning more than I had in forever. I have finished some random bits of fluff. I did chain-plying to my silk singles. I was impatient. I wish I had wound it into a center-pull ball and made a two-ply, but I will survive. I do love the silk. Then I took some dye to it and have this fun yarn. I tackled the rest of the Romney/Mohair blend and it is finished.

Now I am on to the rest of a bag of Corriedale. I believe this is going to be fabulous yarn. What gives me such confidence? Perhaps it is the fact that there is so little. It will become the yarn that would have been the best lace ever, if only there were enough. However, this is not going to get me down at all. No, it will grant me greater confidence and inspire me to even more fabulous spinning. I do have some nice fiber waiting for the right moment.

However, before I can have some nice wheel time, I am off to assist my nephew in saving all of Hyrule. I also have plans to trick him into wanting to read to me today. Also, it is almost time for lunch, and I am hungry.
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