Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July to all of you celebrating! The neighbors' lengthy, early celebrations last night began to dim my enthusiasm for the holiday. I was just tired and regretting my decision to eat a little of the leftover filling for the pies. I am excited for today's family get-together, but I am not yet recovered from all the busyness of the past week. Staying home to knit, spin, and relax would be nice, too. I also keep thinking that I have plans for Saturday. Does anybody know what they are?

Anyway, I am bringing my sock along today. It is about time to turn the heel. I hope to make nice progress with it. The little bag where the sock lives has offered more minutes of knitting than I imagined. It is so handy. It seems like my knitting time has been limited lately. Several other projects call out to be completed, and others just cry for a few minutes of my time.

The gardening adventure continues. We have more green bits popping up out of the ground. Our late start means it is not yet harvest time for anything. Rather than brooding about this, I allow myself to focus on the excitement of the small changes I discover each day. I am not the only one interested in what is happening on our small plot. More than once, this guy has startled me while I watered the garden.
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