Thursday, July 03, 2008

BSJ Beginning

I started a Baby Surprise Jacket last night. This is my first real go with this pattern. I am a little excited about it. It was wonderful to be back knitting with my Skanks. We were a small group telling bad jokes while the stitches flowed. I did not make to any color changes on the BSJ, but I also have not made any decisions onBSJRomneyMohair where they will be. I am keeping notes in case I love it and want to make another like it, or if I do not and do not.

Spinning is going well. So many fibers called for their turn when I looked through the stash yesterday. I am finishing off the last 50g of some purple fluff. I divided and spun the first 25g last night. This is my second go with this bag of fiber. I believe it is a Romney/Mohair blend. I spun up most of it a while back. I think I am doing much better this time. Maybe I will make it through the rest tonight. The wheel is ready.

Then again, I have pies to make for tomorrow's gathering. My sister asked me to bring two S'more Pies. They are so good.
This pie can usually convince the daughter to attend a family event. There is also a rumor of homemade ice cream. We are going to have too much food for this, and very little of it should be allowed to follow us home.
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