Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sisterly Love

A few years ago, my sister began to ask me when I was going to knit a sweater or cute top for her. She probably only asked two or three times (gotta test me), and each occasion, I had a ready answer. The first time, I simply told her that I was not knitting a sweater for a smoker. Whenever she asked again, I responded with, "Are you still smoking?" That took care of it. Now I never promised a sweater or any other knitted object as a reward for quitting, but I knew that if she ever did, and still wanted me to knit for her, I would.

Fast-forward in time. My sister has quit smoking! The other day, she told me she was ready to pick out a pattern. She decided she wanted a cute top to go with a skirt she already owns. I only had a couple of magazines with me that day, so I let her flip through them. She liked the Roped Shell from the current IK, and a simple shell from the current Knitter's (nice lace in there, by the way). In fact, it was that second top she liked so much because of the yarn, and hoped it came it the right colors. I glanced down at the yarn they used and felt sure that it would be out of my budget when I read, "Colinette Wigwam." I investigated on my own, and it was as I suspected. I hatched a plan to have her over to my home to browse patterns through Ravelry. She had a great time, and said she felt like she was shopping. She found her way back to the Roped Shell, and especially liked some modifications that might allow her to wear it to work. She finally settled on Annie, by Jordana Paige. For possibly the first time in my life, I will be knitting something in the yarn and color used in the pattern. I hope it is the right color. I explained to her that colors on the computer screen can be different from real life.

Anyway, I have ordered the yarn, measured my sister (I had to demonstrate that doing this yourself does not work so well), printed the pattern, and now I wait. I am so excited to knit this for my sister.
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