Sunday, August 03, 2008

Careful Joining

The other night, I cast on the 238 stitches for my sister's top. I joined, hoping that I had taken sufficient care to avoid twisting, and began knitting. A few stitches before the end of the first round, I saw more stitches than required for the final repeat. I studied my work and pattern and realized that I had messed up thirteen stitches into the round. I made a mistake when I read the pattern. Anyway, after much tinking, I was back to knitting, but it had killed my mojo for the night. When I picked it back up to knit, I was worried that I had twisted the cast on, but kept going. I am pleased to report that everything was fine, and before long I had finished my first repeat of the charted lace.

This is a great pattern, and I love that it is knit in the round with minimal finishing. Still, as I knit, I occasionally think of what I would have done differently if I had written the pattern. I am not talking about errors, but about small changes in wording or charts. For example, with this pattern, I would have preferred there to be two charts rather than just one. If it had been written up that way, I probably would have not messed up my knitting. Then again, I could have just paid more attention to the instructions (which are quite clear), and I would have been fine.

My progress on Annie stopped soon after beginning that second chart repeat. Last week was a wee bit bumpy. We had a small plumbing issue. It was not as complicated to fix as we thought it would be, but what it lacked in difficulty, we made up for with dread. Having round-the-clock running water rocks!
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