Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sprouting Leaves

The change from lace or fingering and 2.75mm needles to worsted and 5.0mm needles is a welcomeLeafShawlProgress one. I jumped on over to my other Ravelympics events. I am past the halfway point on the Leaf Shawl from Knitting Lace Triangles. This is going to be a great birthday present. I love watching the leaves form as I knit them. It makes the ten-row lace repeats quicker to knit. They are so simple to remember, and if my attention wanders, the knitting is easy to read to get back on track. I have made only one modification. Instead of sk2p, I am working s2kp. I prefer the look of that double-decrease for these leaves. This has become my on-the-go knitting. It is suitable for working on while I visit with others, and is easy to set down and pick up without spending too much time figuring out where I am.
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