Saturday, August 09, 2008

Penciling It In

It did not take long to figure out where I needed to continue in the pattern for my EPS FIYC. When I last worked on it, I had a few more rounds before it would be time to join the sleeves to the body. The long rounds were about to get a lot longer, but I did not mind. Attaching the second sleeve was almost a big mess when I tried to be more clever than necessary.

I am enjoying the knitting. I have missed working on this. Forgetting about the weather (yes, forgetting about the weather is best), this is perfect knitting for wherever I am. I have probably thirty, nearly four hundred-stitch rounds of plain knitting before it is time to strand. It seems like a bit much when I think of it that way. Anyway, I had a small task to complete before I reach the color work section. I had not decided how to arrange the colors in the Fair Isle portion of the sweater. A little time with colored pencils and blank charts was all I needed. Now I can return to the joy of mindless stockinette in the round, unless, of course, I decide I am ready for some lace.
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