Thursday, August 07, 2008


I have been preparing myself for the start of the Ravelympics. I examined the WIP Wrestling pile, and decided to challenge myself further. Not only am I representing Team Robonia, but also Team Wii Fit. Now lest you think I have gone even crazier, know that I have chosen just one more project, but it qualifies as an entry in two events.

I decided to enter the Shawl Relay and Gift Knits Pentathlon. There are birthdays and other gift-giving occasions on the way, and I decided that some people should get shawls. I have so many lovely patterns. Knitting Lace Triangles has been a part of my library for months, but I have not yet knit from it. That is about to change. The book is a wonderful resource. Evelyn Clark is brilliant. I like that she gives information on knitting the shawls in her book in whatever weight yarn you choose. I think that a worsted weight shawl is the right choice for the first recipient I have in mind. I looked at the chart in the back of the book and found the size I want to make with this weight yarn. I chose the Leaf Shawl and some Plymouth Galway Highland Heather yarn. It will be nice to
have a gift finished ahead of the deadline.
Now I relax and wait. The countdown clock is ticking. Ravthletes are filling the Ravelympic Stadium. I am ready.
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