Wednesday, August 13, 2008

If I'm Lion

BabyLionWhen I last laid down the amigurumi baby lion, I had finished the head, embroidered face details, and completed and attached the mane. Then it sat and waited for me. I thought about it occasionally, and thought that the project was doomed to remain unfinished when I put it away out of sight. As my nephew's summer break was over, I decided the time had come to complete it.

Robuddy played Zelda while I finished crocheting. At one point, he was swinging the lion limbs by the yarn tails left on for sewing. The closer I got to finishing, the more interested in the project he became. He offered suggestions for colors when I crochet the daddy lion to go with the son. He pointed out that a baby lion would not have a mane. He wished for a crocheted tiger. He thanked me.
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