Monday, September 18, 2006

Silver Linings

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Does that quote officially belong to someone? I don’t know. It’s a true one, though. We had an experience last week (I won’t go into details) where we were afraid to hope. At the same time, it was difficult to face the event without allowing some rays of hope to enter our hearts and minds. Perhaps this is what made the disappointing news such a punch in the gut. It really did knock us for a loop. I try to look for some positives, and the best to be said is that it could have been worse. Two days later we learned that this event has given us experience and preparation for a future occurrence that is even more unexpected. I must say that we have probably exceeded the adult recommended daily allowance for a dosage of irony. What is the antidote for an irony overdose? I’m treating liberally with wool and knitting friends. I’m also doing my best to realign my thoughts on these matters toward the positive and perhaps productive. This remains to be seen. There are some things that we cannot change.

My first order from Knitpicks arrived on Thursday last week. I needed that yarn love. We were on our way to face another unpleasant bit when I saw the postal vehicle pass us. I asked my hubby if he would mind turning around. I just knew my yarn was in that truck. I was being rewarded for facing some unpleasantries with a positive attitude. We pulled up alongside the mailman and I joyfully received the anticipated package. I opened the box and examined each item. Can you believe that they neglected to include a catalog? I was a bit surprised. I have not received a catalog in quite some time. This is just as well, as I have spent my yarn budget for who knows how long. This is also okay, because I do have the stash. Anyway, it was the yarn and pattern for the Seasonal Fair Isle Vests that had me eagerly awaiting this shipment the most. I’ve got to say, Palette feels pretty nice to me. The Essential sock yarn seems like it will be a good, solid, sock yarn. I’m curious to find out how the Dancing sock yarn will knit up, especially because of the 7% elastic content. I also ordered one of their circular knitting needles in US size 0. New knitting needles are an exciting experience. Upon first examination, it seems like it will be good circular needle. I like the tips. The last thing I ordered was the pattern for the Sweet Mary Jane cardigan. I believe that I have the lace yarn for this in the stash. The range of sizes this pattern has been written for is astounding (xs-5xl). I don’t know just when I will get around to knitting this, but it has been on the mental to-knit list since I first saw it. I love to knit lace, and I've wanted to knit myself a cardigan that wouldn't be too heavy. Besides, at $1.99, and the fact that 100% of the sales of this pattern go towards breast cancer research, putting this in the cart was a no-brainer.

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