Monday, September 04, 2006

On My Mind

Here’s an FO from my first unplanned-it’s-on-clearance-I’ve-wanted-to-try-this-yarn-impulse-purchase of the year. Last year I knit one of these for my mom to keep her ears warm. She doesn’t wear hats because they mess up her hair. Still, she needs to keep her ears covered because a cold wind blowing will give her an earache if they are left bare. She has a horrible, faded pair of earmuffs hanging from the rearview mirror of her car. I thought this could be a good alternative. I don’t know if she uses it. Anyway, I keep my hair back with store-bought, stretchy, knit headbands all the time. I thought that I would like to knit one for myself, and this yarn seemed like the perfect match. Whatcha think? It’s not so easy to get a good picture, so please bear with me. The yarn is Sinfonia. It is 100% mercerized cotton. I should still have enough leftover to knit a chemo cap. I think Shedir would be so striking with this yarn and color. Speaking of Shedir, a picture of one that I knit now graces the Caps for a Cure homepage. I am so honored. Our group is growing and we are knitting and donating so many chemo caps.

Well, you’ve seen the headband, I’ve given another chemo cap plug, and you’re wondering what else is on my mind. It’s stalking, I think. Ah, but that has such a negative connotation to it. The truth is, I want to send a surprise prize to another blogger. A lack of some basic facts is keeping me from being able to send the package. So, how do you go about getting the mailing address of a fellow blogger without her knowledge? In many ways, we are strangers. It just isn’t the best idea to publicly post our full names and contact information. We’ve got to think safety. So, if I were to ask someone whom I think has the details I need, should/would she give me this other blogger’s snail mail address? You see, that’s my plan. I know she has previously participated in swaps. I was thinking of contacting one of her past swap partners or hostesses and asking for the information. It could work. I just have to not come across as the type of person who should not be trusted with personal contact information. Hmmm…giving the appearance of a normal person is not exactly one of my strengths, but I’m going to give it a try. If all else fails, I will have to let go of the idea that it will be a surprise, and just ask the blogger in question.
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