Thursday, September 07, 2006


I was eager for my mail week to begin. I suffered through Monday. I knew that I had yarn coming to me. For one thing, I made my first order to Knitpicks last week. As if this weren't reason enough to wait on the mail carrier, there was more. Becky queried those who donated hats last round for a preferred shade of Cotton Ease. I'm pretty easy to please, so I left the choice to her. She sent me a lovely ball in Ice Blue. If I didn't already have a chemo cap on the needles, I would cast-on with this. It came in the cutest little plastic bag with sheep all over it. There were also two skeins of blue Lang Jawoll sock yarn wrapped in some lovely pink tissue paper. I won those in a contest to help choose contest ideas. To top it off, she enclosed a nice note on a cute knit-themed card. These are both new yarns for me. I look forward to knitting with them. It really made my day. Thank you, Becky! I especially needed this boost after checking the status of my Knitpicks order. I made sure that everything was in stock before I submitted it. I kept reading that it was being processed. Impatiently, I pored over the site for an answer. I continually read that most in-stock orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours. I placed the order on Friday, and when it hadn't shipped on Tuesday, I began to wonder. The same message that my order was being processed greeted me each time I checked (no less than ten times) on Wednesday. Finally, when I accessed the site one last time before leaving the house today, I was pleased to read that the order had shipped yesterday. Woohoo! Now the waiting can begin anew. I wouldn't say that I'm being impatient, I'm just really looking forward to beginning a present for my mom. Also, after telling my grandmother about my order, she is most interested in my opinion of their needles, as I ordered one.

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