Saturday, September 30, 2006

If you liked the isod...'ll love the isod mini. While waiting to receive deadly socks to finish or a pair that will finish me, I knit a mini ISOD. I used some perle cotton and knit up the mini sock using 24 sts. I considered using some #10 crochet cotton, working it over 12 sts, making a pair, and turning them into earrings. I may still do that. I'll turn this one into a pin and attach it to my knitting bag. I could make a bunch and start sending them along in the assassination packages. Hmmm...that's how the dead could still participate. They could knit a bunch of these mini ISOD, and everyone who participates could be sent one as a badge. They are small enough to be sent in a regular letter envelope. I may be onto something here. What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous4:03 AM

    That's very cute! If I made mini-ISoDs, they'd end up on the little feet that scamper around at my house, but the pin/earrings would look cute!