Monday, September 11, 2006


Lacking only the semi-sweet morsels for chocolate chip cookies, I let my nephew decide which Walmart we would visit on the way home. Of his two options, he chose the one I don’t get to as often. This worked for me, as I wanted to check out the clearance sections. I set him to the task of remembering our chocolate chips while I headed towards the yarn. They are making some changes, amongst which is the decision to carry Lion Wool. At any rate, this means that shelf space must be cleared to make room for the new stock. Clearance yarns of interest to me include Cotton Tots and some colors of Moonlight Mohair. My nephew is four and one-half. He was introduced to my obsession at a very early age. One of his first complete sentences was, “Don’t look at your knitting. Look at me.” Needless to say, he has petted yarn with me. When I caress the yarn, I often touch it to my cheek. The little man has taken to this habit. As an even littler man, I had to watch that he was not passing the yarn across his slobbery, baby mouth. I am glad that he has progressed past this stage. When I handed him a ball of blue Cotton Tots to pet, he felt it with his little fingers, stroked it on his cheek, and then he sniffed it. It seems that I have passed on another yarn investigation trait to my nephew. I don’t think he has ever seen me sniff yarn. Somehow, he has just happened upon the practice. I can tell that he feels it to be important in the process of evaluating a new yarn, and I agree.


  1. You've taught him well! Thank you so much for the cotton to spin! It's going to take some practice but I did make a 3" skein. What beautifully prepare cotton it is. Thank you, thank you!

  2. That is too cute! How fun to be able to share the enjoyment of yarn with your nephew.